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computer issues

January 30th, 2009

The little man’s fascination with my computer is getting annoying. Whenever I get up from my computer chair he runs to it and sits in it and will raise hell if I tell him to get down. He will not let go of the mouse at first but when he knows that I mean business, he slams it on the table. He does sound like a destructive kid, lol. Actually, it is only when it comes to the computer.He probably thinks that since mama and dadi are always on the computer then he has to, too. There are always arguments here which gets on the nerves sometimes. I still get online several times during the day for a few minutes at a time when he is busy with other things. If I think he is bored then it is time to turn everything off. I am seriously considering buying his own computer but we don’t have enough resources right now. There is this nice Rackmount monitor which should be good for him but we don’t have the money to buy it. He will probably be tickled if he gets to play in his own computer. He might learn how to surf sites since he is really good with the mouse right now. He even knows how to turn my laptop on and off, and navigate from one page to the other without accidentally closing any. I guess it is time for mama to start saving so she can buy her little boy his own real computer. Or is it too early?

midnight snack

October 6th, 2008

The little man went to bed early last night. He was in bed at five which made him skip dinner. He had snacks and milk before going to bed though. I told him he can only sleep an hour and then he had to get up so we won’t have to worry about sleeping late at night. Well, he got up after an hour all right but he was screaming mad. It took me a long time to pacify him, I had to leave him for a few minutes because whenever I said something he screamed. When he settled down, I picked him up and brought him back to our room since he looked like he wasn’t ready to be up yet. He then slept right back and didn’t wake up until one in the morning.

His father heard him whine and ask me what was wrong. Of course I knew he would be hungry so I picked him up and we went to the kitchen for a late night (or early morning) meal. He only ate a few spoonful of the food I gave him but he accepted another round of milk. I let him play for a while because he was really being a good boy. When I couldn’t stop my eyes from closing anymore, we went back to bed and tried to sleep. I didn’t sleep much after that. My eyes are bloodshot right now but I am not taking a nap and risk having a headache when I get up. I will just wait for bedtime later. That was the first time (except when he was sick) since he was little that we had to get up for food in the middle of the night. The only difference, he wasn’t really crying. He used to wake up screaming when he was little. At least there is an improvement. Mama will try not to do that again to him.

little bug

September 26th, 2008

The little man is back to being drawn to the computer and all its blinking lights. I was watching Ugly Betty online when he climbed up on my lap and messed with the headset and tried to tap the keyboard. When I put him down he climbs back up, relentless.

Last night he did it with his father too that he asked if there is something similar to a laptop we can get so he can play with it. Actually I have been thinking about this idea for a long time and I think this may be the time to get him one. True, he is too young for one and he might end up tearing the toy laptop but if we will guide him perhaps he will know what to do. We will get him something educational that way he won’t mess with the real things. Hopefully.

So I think it is time for me to look for computer desks, one for him and one for us because what we have right now is a little crowded and we surely need a little space for everything to fit in. I will have to look for a child-friendly desk for him. Safety first :)

tuesday toot: learning the alphabet

August 26th, 2008

My son is getting good with the alphabet. The DVD we bought for him is working its magic and now my son can say the easier to pronounce letters like A, B, E, O, and Y, his favorite letter. He still struggles to say H, S, M, W that whenever he gets one of these letters from his bag he stares at it trying to make a sound close to what he thinks it is. He is deligent too. He does this every single day sometimes with my help, often times alone. When the husband is home his son gives him the letters, waits until he says what it is and then gets another letter from his stack. At first I thought he was just saying things in random and lucky enough to get the right letter. He proved me wrong when yesterday he was holding the letter Y which I happened to call X. He yelled at me saying Y, Y, Y so I came over to check and sure enough it was the letter Y. I had to say I was wrong, what can I do? He grinned and then proceeded with his game of naming each letter he gets hold of. Now I hope this will prompt him to learn to talk more. He is almost two years old and I hope it will be sooner when he starts to converse with us in sentences and not mumbled words.

new milestone

August 13th, 2008

My boy has found a new way to entertain himself, through me. You see he woke up screaming just this afternoon that I was worried about him. He may have had bad dream and when he realized that it was just a dream he calmed down. So I gave him his usual snacks of fruit puffs in a bowl. He ate and enjoyed the snacks but when he was about full he started picking up a puff one by one and started feeding me. Me! What could I have done but open my mouth and say thank you. He thought that was so funny he continued doing it until the bowl was almost empty. I had to make him stop. He sure enjoyed the thing he did and I am happy for him. Another milestone, another accomplishment.

tuesday toot: my son

August 12th, 2008

This day’s meme will be about my little boy. I am running out of good words and accomplishments for myself (especially since there aren’t much) so I am going to talk about him. He will be 22 months old on the 18th. He is growing up quick and along with it are some milestones that never fail to amaze and amuse us. He has been drinking from his sippy cup for a while now and I am trying to introduce him to the real thing, the cup sans the cap. I still watch him do it and I only give water using the cup because I am afraid he will dump the content on the floor or worse in the carpet. He is doing a good job though. No spills and he gets a lot of liquid too. In a few days maybe I can trust him enough to use a regular cup without supervision. I am proud of my little boy’s accomplishment.

another baby?

July 31st, 2008

We are planing of getting pregnant next year after our trip to visit my parents. Why after the trip? Because it is not feasible otherwise. The trip is going to be almost twenty four hours with stopovers and that is not really very comfortable for pregnant women much less with just a few month old baby. Besides I plan on gorging on filipino  food I missed so bad. And too I want our son to be a little older when we have a new addition to our family so he will understand better and help mama by being a good boy. I know you might have noticed it is all about me but I hope you understand. I am the one who gets pregnant anyway even if the husband will pay for everything :)

And with having a new baby means getting new things for him or her too. Like baby cribs, highchairs, and travel cots among other things. We have all these right now but with almost two years of use most are getting worn out. All these were bought for a baby boy and if we will have a baby girl then all the more reason to buy new ones. We want to prepare for the new addition to our growing family, even if it won’t be until next year. Hence the plans. We hope all will fall into place though. b4uing1

playing rough

July 30th, 2008

My stepdaughter was here this morning to use our computer since they don’t have internet connection yet because they are still in transition to their new place. And she brought along her two kids, a toddler who is only five months younger than my son and a one month old baby girl. My son was curious about the car seat where the baby was at so I lifted him up so he can look. He liked it. He has always like babies. He smiled and just looked at her and didn’t even try to touch. The boy on the other hand wanted to play and he plays rough too. I don’t know why he does that but when he gets near my son he grabs him and then sinks his teeth on my son’s body parts whatever he gets hold of. Now my little boy is careful around other kids. We often told him to be nice and so that’s what he does. And even if his nephew hurts him he just rubs the area where it hurts and then tries to get away. Now my husband doesn’t like that, of course what parent wants his kid hurt by another kid? He says to fight back which is funny because I know if he only can he would grab his grandson and blister his *ss 😀

But anyways, when they were here earlier my son tried to distance himself from his nephew no matter if the latter followed him around. I don’t blame him because when he gets too near the other kid just jumps on him. It was funny but frustrating as well. Of course I want them to play but not hurt each other. Maybe when bubby’s nephew gets older he will start to mellow down and they can play without hurting each other. And I hope my son will not be bullied when he starts school. We just want him to be a good kid, not somebody else punching bag.