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we want to go back

January 9th, 2009

After the trip to Florida, the husband could not get the place off his mind. He has been talking about going back again and if not for his daughter’s plan to move to her new house this weekend we probably are back in Florida right now. His employers own a house two blocks from the ocean and they offered him to stay in it one weekend if he wants to for free. All he has to do is tell them when and they will give him the key, they said. The husband was so thrilled when he heard the offer and we planned to go this weekend but did not go through with it because of his daughter. He wants to help her family move but there was a glitch so they were not able to close on the house they purchased. They have to wait until next week which means we can’t go next week either. Perhaps the weekend after that. It is actually exciting to think about staying in a house near the beach for free! We don’t have to search and pay  for vacation rentals which should save us a lot of money. I plan on bringing food so we don’t have to go anywhere to eat. This is what the husband and I want when we retire and we hope we will own one someday. For now, we will enjoy the benefits of having generous employers and nice friends 😀

goofy picture

January 5th, 2009


This is just one of the pictures we took from the trip to Orlando. I was the official photographer but I made the husband take pictures of me as well. This was taken a block away from Park Ave, right in front of the building where the props for the movie Back to the Future were located. I was being goofy and the husband kept on clicking away. It is rare for him to hold the camera, much less take pictures, but when he does he takes good ones. See the background? Doesn’t it look lovely? It captured the pretty scenery and it looks like an authentic little street. There are more pretty pictures which the husband took and I will eventually share more in the coming days.

little trip

November 16th, 2008

We drove down to Myrtle Beach last night. It was kinda a spur of the moment thing. The husband was messing with the jeep when his daughter called telling him they were in MB and were going to stay the night. He then told me to pack a few clothes and off we went 😀

We stayed in an ocean front room for only $40 which is very cheap. During the summer there is no way we could have found an ocean front room with that rate. Not in a big motel. That is why we like going to MB on off-seasons because we know we can get the best rooms without paying over the top. We slept with our balcony door open (we we’re not supposed to) so we can hear the waves. There was a moon and the beach just looked so lovely. We didn’t get to walk last night though because it was chilly. But I got my wish to sleep with the waves in the background.

getting ready

October 18th, 2008

We are getting ready for our trip. In an hour or so we will be heading out. It is raining in the south but when the husband checked the weather online it showed that the sky is clear everywhere else. So hopefully all will be well. I have to rouse up the little man. I will try to take pictures and post some when I have the time. Happy weekend!


August 8th, 2008

On our trip to Leyte next year we hopefully want to minimize on our luggage since it will be a long trip and we have a toddler to travel with us who is equivalent to probably hundreds of luggage. Plus the fact that airlines charge for extra baggage these days due to high fuel price. We may bring one we can use for my personal stuff such as dried fish and other goodies I may decide to bring back with us. I can’t wait for our trip. It will be my first time to go back after three years and it will be the first time for my boys to meet the rest of the family.

postponed trip

July 26th, 2008

My first year here and while our son was only two months old my husband wanted us to go to Florida and even planned about it. He searched online for Orlando vacations and thought about going off season so we wouldn’t have to pay too much money on our trip. I didn’t like the idea though and i told him about it. He was not too happy with my reasons which were 1) bubby was too young to even enjoy the trip and 2) he was too young to be on a long trip anyways. Not to mention we just started saving up so we didn’t really have that much money to spare for a trip. I promised him though that we will go to Orlando at the right time. It is just not now.