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March 28th, 2009

I know this movie was shown last year (I think, lol.) but I just got to watch it tonight with the husband and the little man. I was bored so I asked the husband if we can buy a new DVD player and thankfully after so much bitch*ng he indulged me. If you are wondering why we don’t have a DVD player, it is because the one we bought months ago quit working courtesy of the little man. So, anyway, we bought a new player and I went to the video store to rent some movies which we watched tonight. The little man enjoyed the movie especially the part where Wall*E was chasing the red lights. It elicited a bout of giggles from him. He passed out before the movie ended though so it was just me and the husband who continued watching. Surprisingly, he watched it with me until it was finished. That was not normal considering he already watched the documentary Sicko. He was so quiet too until I voiced poor Wall*E when the robot got all beat up. He said there are a lot of spare parts for Wall*E when they get back to Earth. That is from the mechanic in him I guess, lol. Always thinking that machines can be repaired which is true provided one knows how to do it. Anyways, I love the movie and will look forward to watching more animated movies in the coming days.