one down, two to go

April 27th, 2010

One of our laptops, the one that the little man is using, quit working. I don’t know what is wrong with it but when we turn it on the screen won’t come up. No light, nothing.  There might be a good explanation somewhere and maybe a solution as well but I have not had the time to do some research yet. I know I should if I want my other computer (the one that the little man uses at the moment) back. I hate not to let him use anything when he is into the game Text Twist which I think is good for his vocabulary. Besides, playing in the computer gets him out of trouble most of the time. It does mean that I don’t get to use my computer as often as I can though because he gets proprietorial (is it the right term?) and will not let me use the computer even if it is sitting idle. When I get online now, I have to go straight to business and no more dilly-dallying lest he will kick me out. I am pitiful, aren’t I? Lol. I do have a spare laptop which I still can use anytime to open my emails and read prototype 37c reviews if I want to but I am lazy to get it out and use it. And once the little man saw me using the new computer he starts to distract me so he could try it out. I will have to fix the old laptop and see if I can still salvage it. If it will not cost me a penny then I will do whatever I can to fix the old dog. If it will then I will have to park it somewhere until we can decide what to do with it. For now, I have to share my computer with the little man while making sure at the same time that he does not tear it up.

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